Removing Pet Stains With Carpet Cleaning

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Did you know Neatfreak offers carpet cleaning and can get rid of your pet stains?  Using some of the best equipment available today we are able to get your carpets back to looking fantastic!  Learn more about our carpet cleaning service for Calgary and area.


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One of the most popular services we offer is pet stain removal for carpet cleaning.  This is surprising because carpet cleaning is a relatively recent addition to our cleaning arsenal  and pet stain removal has taken off in a big way!  

Many of our customers (both existing and prospective) have asked how we treat pet stains in their carpets so I thought I’d take some time to walk through a little bit about how it works.

Basic Pet Stain Removal for Fresh Stains – Do It Yourself!

First and foremost, if you catch your pet in the act you can probably eliminate that stain right then and there!  There are many products on the market that work for removing pet stains (and the resulting urine or fecal smell) from carpets so experiment and find the one that works for you.  I’ve had great success using a soapy water solution (about a 1:1 ratio of dish soap to water) when my little Ella (domestic short-haired cat) decides she’s too good for the litter box.  

The process I follow for basic removal of fresh urine or fecal stains is:

  • Dab the solution on to the affected area – Be sure to cover the whole area.  Don’t “saturate”, per say, but make sure that the area is covered.  Dab the solution in (using a tapping motion).
  • Allow a brief dwell time – I usually let it dwell for about three minutes, but if the pet stain is more severe you may want to give it a couple more minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the affected area while gently agitating – Using a scrub brush gentle agitate the area (light scrub) while applying a small-moderate amount of water to rinse the area.  Do this until the stain has been removed and/or faded.
  • Dry the area thoroughly – Using a dry towel dab the area until it is dry.

This works really well for me a lot of the time when I encounter fresh markings.  But, what if you encounter a stain that has had some time to set?

Pet Stain Removal – Stubborn, Set-In Stains

Sometimes you don’t catch the stain right away.  You can always try a commercial pet stain remover, but often they are ineffective with those stubborn urine or pee stains that have been there a while.  This is usually about the time our customers call us.

Our process for removing pet stains is very simple (but very powerful):

  • We pre-treat the stain using our commercial-grade environmentally friendly cleaning agents – After performing a colourfast test on your carpet to ensure that we won’t stain or bleach your carpets we will pre-treat the affected areas using a highly concentrated cleaning agent.  While bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, this cleaning agent is still serious stuff!
  • We then agitate the affected area thoroughly – Using a carpet rake we will agitate the affected areas.  This increases the surface area that is exposed to the detergent.  We will also apply a little more cleaning agent to the stain.
  • The agent dwells for 10-15 minutes – The agent works its magic during this period, binding itself to the oils, enzymes, and compounds in the carpets.
  • We then use our carpet cleaner to rinse and clean the area – Our carpet cleaner is a serious machine: it has dual 200cfm vacuums (to suck up the water/cleaning agent), 250psi of hot water pressure, and a rotating agitation head that rotates at 200rpm.  These elements combine to thoroughly rinse and clean the carpet.  While all the carpet in the room will be cleaned extra attention is paid to the stained area.
  • Specialize pet urine compounds are applied (if necessary) – 90% off the time the above process removes all the pet stains from the carpets, but sometimes there are stubborn stains that just don’t want to “let go”.  We then bring out the big guns: specialized cleaning agents specifically designed to eliminate urine and fecal residue (and odours) from the carpets.  After a brief dwell time these compounds are rinsed and removed from the carpets.

The results?  Have a look for yourself:

Pet stain removal Calgary

Click for full size. Nearly a dozen cat pee stains were removed from the carpet.


Note the pet stains/fecal stains at the base of the stairs that we completey removed.

Note the pet stains/fecal stains at the base of the stairs that we completely removed.

Cat or dog urine is no match for the Neatfreak treatment!  For more information on what we can do for your carpets have a look at our carpet cleaning page.